Affordable Ant Extermination seattle

Nobody wants to have insects in their house involuntarily. Ants are a very nasty pest and very difficult to eradicate. The problem? It is very common for ants to appear at home, especially in houses with low floors that face the street. However, in elevated floors, ants may also appear at home. One of the positive points is that once you get rid of the ants they should not reappear.

Surely Free Extermination are reading this article because you have ants at home and want to kill them in any way. We perfectly understand your situation and we do not like anything at all the ants. Therefore, we have put together a series of tips and procedures to help you kill these bugs easily and quickly.

​Before going to the solution of the problem, we must analyze its why. As we have said before, ants can appear in any home, but there are some aspects that make it more conducive. For example, leaving food out of place and without any protection will make the appearance of ants much more propitious.
Dirty houses are also conducive to the appearance of ants. Crumbs of bread in the ground, remains of food accumulated in the garbage can for many days, liquid substances stuck in the ground ... the lack of hygiene will cause a plague of ants at home and have a plague of ants at home will devour everything that find your way and will cause a very uncomfortable situation for the coexistence of people.

Seattle Ants exterminators is an extermination and pest control company with your best interests in mind. We’re proud to be a part of the Better Business Bureau and strive to provide the best pest control service possible. After more than two decades, we know what it takes to provide solutions to your pest control needs. Rest assured your pest control problems will be solved with our unconditional guarantee.

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Buying a pet Car Seat Covers

When Do You Use A Dog Seat Cover Or a dog carrier for your car


As a dog owner, you want to bring your dog with you for a drive but you are concerned about your leather car seat being scratched or dirtied. You can either get a dog seat cover for your car or a dog carrier for your dog. But which is better?


There are a wide variety of dog carriers and dog seat covers available in the market. It can be a headache when you do not know which is more suitable for your dog and your car.


So, how do you decide which is more suitable for your dog and your car - a dog carrier or a dog seat cover?


car seat covers

The answer will depend on the size of your dog and how you will like to travel with your dog.


For big dogs like Collies, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, it's not possible to fit them in those carriers. Usually, these big dogs are put at the back seat of the car. Thus, a dog seat cover for your car's back seat is more suitable for your dog. A dog seat cover can protect your dog from falling off the car seat when you stop at the traffic lights. At the same time, the dog seat cover helps to keep your car clean from mud, dirt or grass or even your dog hair. Your leather car seat is also protected from scratches by your dog's sharp paws.


For smaller dogs like Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and other toy dogs, they are best transported using dog carriers. As they are quite small, it is safer for them in the carrier than leaving them on the back seat, even if you use dog seat covers. A dog carrier has big enough space for the smaller dogs to move around and it is big and heavy enough to stay still on the seat and not slide around.


Nowadays, dog carriers are fashionable items. But please bear in mind that functionality and comfort for your dog must come first before anything else. The dog owner must be comfortable carrying the dog carrier and the dog must be able to stretch inside comfortably. If you use a dog carrier, here's a simple tip for you: Put a soft blanket or your dog's favourite toy in the carrier. This will make it more comfortable for your dog, and it'll also help to keep your dog more calm and relaxed throughout the car journey.


Just follow these simple guidelines and you'll have no problems choosing between the right car seat cover or dog carrier for your car and your dog.

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